Hon. Tolulope Olufikayo Ayinla Phillips Calls for Renewed Democratic Commitment on Nigeria's Democracy Day

Abeokuta, June 12, 2024 – In a stirring Democracy Day speech, Hon. Tolulope Olufikayo Ayinla Phillips urged Nigerians to reflect on the nation's democratic journey and address the current political challenges. Charging Nigerians for the commemorative Democracy Day in Nigeria, Hon. Phillips highlighted the historic significance of June 12, 1993, when Nigerians united to elect the late Chief M.K.O Abiola, setting a global example of democratic aspiration.

Despite the progress made, Hon. Phillips pointed out that Nigeria's democracy is at a crossroads, with recent elections marred by violence and a lack of trust in the electoral system. He emphasized the need for a credible electoral process that reflects the true will of the people, akin to the unity and determination shown on June 12, 1993.

Hon. Phillips called on the government to fulfill its social contract, prioritize the needs and wishes of the citizens, and uphold the rule of law to strengthen the nation's democratic foundations. He encouraged Nigerians to draw inspiration from the spirit of June 12 to overcome the current challenges and work towards a brighter, more democratic future.

As Nigeria commemorates this pivotal day in its history, the message from Hon. Phillips is clear: the time for democratic renewal and reform is now. "Let us believe in our system's capacity for self-correction and work together towards a brighter democratic future," he concluded, echoing the hopes of many for a stronger, more united Nigeria.

God bless Ogun State and God bless Nigeria.

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