Dolidol International Group Expands Rapidly into African Market, Accelerates Growth with Mouka's Membership

Dolidol is Africa's leading brand of mattresses, foam and bedding products. The company manufactures the best-known mattress brands, including Kinédorsal, Windsor, Prince, and Maria, and is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of the American brand Therapedic in Morrocco.

The industry champion is making a giant stride in its expansion bid to sustain its market leadership position and diversify its operations. This necessitated its presence in Africa's most populated country, Nigeria, with the acquisition of Mouka Limited in 2021.

The Managing Director of Dolidol International Group, Jaafar Harti, in a recent interview on Cable News Network (CNN), a multinational news channel based in the United States, affirmed that the trailblazing company is poised to provide unique brands as a pacesetter in its sector for consumers' satisfaction.

He pointed out that Dolidol, founded in 1972, is presently operating three complementary activities: its sleep business and its carpentry operations in Morocco, which produces doors and kitchen closets. The group also has large infrastructure projects for educational institutions and clinics, among others, exported to Sub-Saharan African countries. Jaafar stated that the third activity is the recycling business that Dolidol entered into in 2022.

According to the CNN report, the Morocco market was serving Dolidol well with a sound ambition of spreading across the African continent, an operation Harti explained was about USD 250 m -USD 300 m, but not necessarily large enough, hence its expansion drive to grow as a Pan-African brand.

The Dolidol boss said the inclination to deepen the company's presence across the continent was what paved the way for the establishment of the first plant outside Morocco, in Abidjan, Cote D' Ivoire, in 2016, and the Mouka acquisition in 2021, which has given access to the largest African market where it has continued to thrive.

"We are firm believers in Africa's ability and the capacity to grow faster than the continent did over the last years. The best is about to come as we are leaders in all our businesses," the Dolidol boss stated.

According to him, though there are challenges in the sleep industry, he is very confident that there are opportunities for the company, as it is well-positioned to manufacture high-quality products and maintain its majority market share.

Against that backdrop, Mouka's Managing Director, Femi Fapohunda, has affirmed that as a member of the Dolidol Group, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technological innovation, Mouka intends to remain a trendsetter in the industry while adequately catering to consumer needs.

On the company's stable are top-quality products such as the Wellbeing Mattress Topper, Wellbeing Orthopaedic Mattresses, Royal Luxury Pillow Top Mattress, and Mondeo Spring mattresses. Its unrivalled pillow brands include the Crown Anti-Allergy Pillow, the Bio Pillow, made with groundbreaking biocrystal technology, and the Royal Memory Foam Pillow for consumers' wellbeing.

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