Cross’ Theft, Failed Liaison, and More on the Big Brother Naija All Stars

It’s been raining all week this season on Big Brother Naija all stars. Apart from the brilliant and entertaining performances by the housemate during the various tasks, they have also entertained fans with premium drama, and it seems like this is only the beginning. Here are the highlights in case you missed it.

Team Bold wins week 2 wager

Team Bold comprised of Mercy Eke, Soma, Cee-C, Venita, and Ilebaye won the Guiness-sponsored wager with their ‘Black Shines Brightest’ presentation. The task focused on showcasing creativity and fashion. Team members were asked to play games and make cocktails. There was also a cooking section. In the end, Team Bold won the challenge and the perks that come with the wager.

BBNaija All Stars: Moment Cross kissed CeeC unaware (Video)

Cross Caught Stealing

Cross was caught red-handed stealing a kiss from CeeC. This happened when the duo were standing and chatting. After successfully stealing the kiss, Cross made a second attempt which CeeC rebuffed.  

CeeC Blocks Ilebaye Seduction Attempt.

Cross became the topic of discussion again when he kissed Ilebaye. During his conversation with Venita on why he allowed Ilebaye to climb him and kiss him, Cross said ‘I was tipsy, she was tipsy and Ilebaye was looking sexy to me then I kissed her, I am not married, it is a fun house’. Later, CeeC stopped Ilebaye’s attempt to follow Cross into the shower nude. CeeC said,  “I decided to put a stop to the playful behavior. Ilebaye followed Cross into the shower while he was intoxicated. I thought, ‘This isn’t appropriate; they can do whatever they want tomorrow, but not tonight while he’s drunk.’ I intervened, and in response, she called me a babysitter.” When Adekunle commented why she was protective of Cross, CeeC said Cross is like a “brother” to me.

Pere Accuses Housemates of inability to pass correct messages.

This happened during the Thursday night task where housemates were tasked to recreate a drawing. Pere and Ventia were tasked to describe a painting to a member of their team who will then pass it on to another member until it gets to the team member selected to draw the picture based on the description given. Frodd and Ike ended up drawing nothing like the original picture and Pere accused this team member of not passing the correct information.

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