KwaraLEARN Celebrates First Anniversary with Remarkable Achievements

KwaraLEARN, a core new education program by the Government of Kwara State to deliver dramatic improvements in learning outcomes in public schools for all children across Kwara State, today celebrated its first anniversary.

Over the past year, KwaraLEARN has achieved significant advancements in transforming education in Kwara State. The programme has accomplished the following milestones:

Empowered over 6,000 teachers with modern, scientifically-based pedagogy through comprehensive training programmes. These teachers have also received continuous professional development and coaching, ensuring the delivery of high-quality education.

Provided more than 120,000 pupils with access to top-notch education, resulting in accelerated learning gains and the closing of the learning gap. KwaraLEARN employs remedial interventions to ensure pupils reach age and grade-appropriate learning levels.

Promoted professionalism within schools by improving attendance and implementing real-time instruction delivery throughout the scheduled teaching period.
Distributed over a million textbooks and supplementary materials. Currently operational in 10 out of the 16 Local Government Areas in Kwara State, KwaraLEARN plans to expand its reach to the remaining six areas, including Edu, Ifelodun, Isin, Kaiama, Moro, and Oyun.
These concerted efforts have led to significant enhancements in learning outcomes for pupils enrolled in KwaraLEARN schools.

Recent assessments have shown substantial improvements in reading, literacy, and numeracy compared to pupils in non-KwaraLEARN schools.
"We take pride in the remarkable progress KwaraLEARN has achieved in its first year," stated Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq. "Our commitment to transforming education in Kwara State remains steadfast, and KwaraLEARN plays a vital role in our strategy to build a Kwara that works for all."

KwaraLEARN has revolutionized the educational landscape in Kwara State. By introducing child-friendly classroom management techniques such as cheers, songs, strive points, energizers, and character boards, the program has fostered an environment where pupils eagerly embrace learning. Moreover, KwaraLEARN's zero tolerance for corporal punishment emphasizes the importance of a nurturing and supportive learning atmosphere.

Aligned with SDG4, which advocates for inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities, the KwaraLEARN program has garnered immense support from teachers and stakeholders across the state. "The sustainability of KwaraLEARN is a testament to the dedication and hard work of educators and stakeholders," said Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu, the Honourable Commissioner of the Kwara State Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development.

"By collaborating to create a world-class education system, we are equipping Kwara State's children with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in a global economy," she added.

Mrs. Kemi Mary Adeoshun, the Permanent Secretary of the Kwara State Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development, added, “the success of KwaraLEARN is a testament to what can be achieved through collaboration and innovation. By bringing together educators, policymakers, and technology experts, the programme is helping to create a more inclusive, equitable, and high-quality education system for all."
Prof. Shehu Raheem Adaramaja, the Executive Chairman of the Kwara State Universal Basic Education Board, emphasized the importance of education as the foundation for a prosperous society.

"We are dedicated to ensuring that every child in Kwara State has access to quality basic education. By promoting reading and learning, we are not just facilitating academic success but nurturing future leaders who will shape the destiny of Kwara State and the nation."

KwaraLEARN, an initiative of the Kwara State Government, represents a significant leap forward in the government's commitment to improving education for all children in the state. This program is making a tangible difference in the lives of pupils and teachers while effectively bridging the learning gap in Kwara State. By transforming government primary schools into globally competitive institutions, KwaraLEARN ensures that every child counts and their education is valued and prioritized.

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