IPAC Admonishes Governor Abiodun To Inaugurate Amotekun Without Delay

The Inter Party Advisory Council, IPAC, Ogun State Chapter, has appealed to the Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, to formally, as a matter of urgency, inaugurate the Southwestern security outfit, Amotekun, in the state without further delay.

The admonition considered to be apt and significant was made in a statement released by the State Publicity Secretary of the body, Deji Babington-Ashaye. According to the release, the appeal has become expedient given the worsening security situation and tension in the nation and particularly southwestern region.
The statement reads in parts:

"Considering the dangerous escapades of criminal elements in the land, the security nightmare the citizens are subjected to on regularly basis has made life a bit nasty and brutish. From the North West to South South, from South West to South East and from North Central to North East down to the MiddleBelt, the story is not different."

"If that is the case, the ugly scenario has become diabolically too close to the doorsteps of Ogun State and if care is not taken, will be well seated as an unwelcome guest and will be too late to tame. We can't continue to fold our arms and go about daily activities as if we are immuned from the criminal activities going on in the nation. Were these escapades of criminals confined to one or two places, perhaps, the threat could have been passed off as negligible and probably, attendant manifestation of few gullible ones. But its not so."

"To lend credence, several security alarms have been raised by notable Yoruba elders and leaders both at home and in diaspora about a group of people or foreigners with sinister motives who they claimed have infiltrated the Yoruba land and causing havoc or planning to cause more havoc."

"From roving gangs of marauders through Fulani herdsmen armed with dangerous and sophisticated weapons and refined species of daring kidnappers increasingly near a frightening look on daily basis is no longer a child's play. This has created palpable tension in the land."

"In any case, even if we grant that the gateway state enjoys seemingly relative peace as at the moment, does it not make sense to prevent and arrest terror in its early stages than wait for it to metamorphose into full assaults on the state and individuals. Criminals become emboldened when security is lax."

The situation on ground is worrisome to IPAC. As a result, the body is of the stout opinion that the quick launch of Amotekun is very necessary at the moment if the government wants the Ogun citizens and residents to take it serious on the ability to protect them as pledged in 2019 before the gubernatorial election.

"Without further delay, Governor Abiodun should hit the ground running by quickly launching the Amotekun outfit which came into being in 2019 backed by all the governors in the southwest by recruiting capable people who will be adequately trained in intelligence gathering as well as combative capacities. They should be decently remunerated and favourable insurance policies be put in place for them and their families. For effective performance too, they should be provided with good weapons and sophisticated operational vehicles equipped with modern security gadgets, the release stated.

To IPAC, if these steps are taken, the government will not be caught unaware of any security threat but will help avoid dangling sword of Damocles to its social, political and economic progress.

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