APBN Publicity: Innocent Okoro Appointed As External Image Maker Of APBN

The President of APBN Association Engineer Olumuyiwa Ajibola who is also the past President of Nigerian Society Of Engineers has made Dr innocent Okoro, the Real Estate professional who is also the executive Producer Of NATIONAL REAL ESTATE TV PROGRAMME as the external image maker for the association.

The Association of Professional Bodies Of Nigerian (APBN) has also support the NATIONAL REAL ESTATE TV PROGRAMME said it is an ambitious that would impact positively on both Government, Corporate institutions, Professional Bodies and Nigerian Public.

However APBN  also commended Dr Chief M. I.  Okoro for his Vissionary Leadership in his creative ADVOCACY and Courageous Publicity delivery on Real Estate/environment and also on other Pertinent National discuss.

Okoro who served APBN as Publicity Secretary and financial Secretary 20 years ago, So Okoro has sacrificed for this association in the  past that's why we reappointed him as Corporate Image Maker and Director Of Publicity For APBN.

Dr, Chief M l Okoro is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers,  Fellow Institute of Directors, Nigeria as well as Fellow, Society of Construction Industry Arbitrators. No doubt his choice and endoresment by APBN will bring the image and activities of APBN to the lime light. 

The endorsement of NATIONAL REAL ESTATE TV PROGRAMME and Dr,Chief M l Okoro as external Corporate Image Maker and Director of Publicity for APBN took place yesterday, 9th September, 2020 during APBN quarterly Board Meeting sponsored and hosted by the President of Pharceutical Society Of Nigerian, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa MFR on behalf of PSN at the PSN National Secretariat @ Anthony Village Ikeja area of Lagos State. During the said Board Meeting of APBN, the Umbrella Professional Institution resolved to work closely with the Government at all levels in Nigeria in order to transform the image of Nigeria to a globally acceptable standard that would positively impact on every Nigerian in both at  home and abroad noting that APBN is properly well constituted as they have both psychological and mental attitude in view of the training of her membership to actualise this. APBN further resolved to transform Nigerian from 3rd world Country to 1st Class World Country that is capable of competing with other Nations of the world in keeping with Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa MFR ideal for a new Nigeria with the cooperation and partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

 APBN wondered what went wrong with Nigerian as  a nation because Nigeria is matching backwards while other Nations match forward. They resolved that the only way Nigeria could be salvaged as a Nation is only if the Political Class humbles themselves and work in partnership with the Professional Class which APBN represents. There is no how any Nation of the world could develop and fend for her Citizenry without a total committment of the Nation's Professionals. 

Therefore the duty Dr. Chief M l Okoro now as the APBN external immage Maker and Director of Publicity is to fashion out the most ideal way to ensure that the Government at all levels and APBN work together as the Nation's development partners to make Nigeria a better place to live in and at the same time reduce the brain drain which Nigeria surfers presently due to very poor  living Standard. 

The Hallmark of the event at the Board Meeting of APBN yesterday at the PSN NATIONAL Secretariat at Anthony Village, Lagos State was that APBN Partners with the NATIONAL REAL ESTATE TV PROGRAMME to call for immediate review of the present National Housing Policy of the Federal Republic of Nigerian to conform with the present realities on ground thrown up by the COVID 19 PANDEMIC ravaging the world and also make the National Housing Policy realisable and practical indeed, noting that Land and Housing are the most critical Factors of Production in any country of the world,therefore the new proposed Housing Policy in view must be such that would meet the expirations of every Nigerian capable of transforming the economy of Nigeria as well as living Standard of Nigerian public.

 Dr. Chief M I Okoro used the opportunity to interview the President of APBN and other Presidents of Member Bodies of APBN in a special documentary to set Agenda for the review of the National Housing Policy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which will be televised all over the Country and beyond on the National televions and other Média outlets to celebrate NIGERIA @ 60,come October 2020 and the documentary will run throughout the month of October weekly on televisions.    

Ať the Board Meeting of APBN also, it was resolved that all Roads will lead to Ibadan,Oyo State Capital  on the 23th of September, 2020 on a day the New President of APBN ,Surv. Akin Oyegbola will be installed as the next President of APBN. Surv Akin Oyegbola is also the Past President of Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) because no body will aspire for the Presidency of APBN unless the person must have served as the President of his/her  Professional body. As you can see ,the journey to becoming the President of APBN is highly turbulent. In all these, the incoming President of APBN is a perfect gentleman who served in the Council of APBN as National Secretary with Dr M I Okoro as National Publicity Secretary over 20 years ago. We have no doubt that Surv. Akin Oyegbola will take APBN to the next level of achievement particularly in creating an enduring partnership between the Federal Government of Nigerian and APBN. 
Finally, in appreciation of his recognition and endoresment by the President of APBN and Presidents of Member Bodies of APBN, Dr ,Chief M I Okoro Promised to creat at least some minutes of Airtime weekly on the platform of NATIONAL REAL ESTATE TV PROGRAMME  to propagate the affairs of APBN under a Segment that will be called "APBN PROFESSIONAL ANGLE" where issues relating to APBN matters will be discussed every week so as to bring APBN closer to both the Government at all levels and the Nigerian public, while other Média mix including  all Social Media handles will be used to effectively market APBN both in Nigeria and Overseas, Dr Okoro asserted.

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