Ladi Adebutu wakes Ogun State Government from slumber on flood disaster

The former member of the 8th Assembly of House of Representatives who represented Remo Federal Constituency, Honourable Oladipupo Adebutu has advised Ogun State Government on what to do to prevent flood disaster in Ogun State. The advised was contained in a press release personally signed.

"As a concerned citizen of Ogun State and a critical stakeholder in her open spaces and political landscape, I wish to trigger a critical assessment and consequently encourage all the relevant authorities, institutions of Ogun State to develop a wholistic plan to mitigate the recurring devastating experiences of flooding and erosion".

"Several decades of human activities have continued to alter the natural functions in the environment. Land development for the purposes of Urbanisation and Industrialization promotes deforestation, and the lack of vegetation encourages water to flow over the surface rather than infiltrate into the soil thus increasing surface runoff".

"Increasing population and the attendant waste generation, the housing and transportation requirements including roadways has continued to facilitate the replacement of permeable soil layers with impermeable paved surfaces, through which water cannot infiltrate. This perhaps reveals why rivers are being made out of our roadways often influenced in part by improper waste disposal into existing drains".

"As rising water levels occasioned by climate change cannot be wished away, our natural water courses also needs to be considered. We will need to plant more trees and protect our wetlands. We will need to install more permeable pavements and several other means of achieving a more balanced ecosystem. It will seem as though nature is beginning to make demands as Man needs make up for decades of alterations in the environment. Achieving a tolerable rate of surface runoff is no mean feat". 

"However, it is only responsible to give back to the environment that sustains us before it consumes us. Whilst sympathetic to the plight of the victims of the recent floods in the State, I urge every stakeholder, public and private to rise up to this all important task of safeguarding our environment and securing the lives and properties of our people".

"To this end, an enhanced waste management strategy should be developed, implemented and communicated  to the general public to actively discontinue the use of public drains as dumpsites". 

"The existing channels should be structurally controlled through residential areas and up to the main catchment using reinforced concrete drains, culverts and basins where necessary along the water courses. This action will reduce if not totally eliminate the need for the demolition of existing properties in proximity to the existing channels and will also help to reclaim lands for real estate and agricultural purposes". 

"Relevant agencies should also be contacted to immediately provide aids for residents who have been adversely affected by the flood even amidst the sour economy occasioned by the pandemic". 

"I have instructed my team to  reachout to the affected areas to assess the relief materials required in the interim to alleviate the sufferings of our people in hope that we will be able to galvanise resources to meet these urgent needs".

"I implore well meaning individuals and corporate bodies within the metropolis to extend a helping hand to the affected communities at this time". 

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