Ijebu-Igbo Council of Elders (BOT) lacks power - Engr Bayo Dayo

The Chairman of Ijebu-Igbo Council of Chief, Engr. (Chief) Bayo Dayo has replied members of Ijebu-Igbo Council of Chief BOT members who had requested him stepping down as Chairman of the Council. The reply is fully quoted as follows:

"Your letter dated 4h May, 2020 on the above mentioned subject matter written and served on me some days ago hereby refers.

I was surprised and highly disappointed to receive your letter under reference as none
of the B. O. T. members including yourself that signed the letter never called me to know my own side of the story of whatever you feel is going on that made you to write this letter.

It is necessary to let you know that you, as BOT members, have no right to write this letter to me as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of this Council as BOT is a
creation of the Executive Council and the members were appointed by the Executive Committee.

The constitution of the Council is very clear on this:
As members of the BOT, your duty is to advise the Executive Council you cannot exercise any power you do not have.

I need to state that the Council members are aware that I am a politician before I was appointed as Chairman at a town hall meeting. I now wonder why whatever happened as a result of any political decision I took should be the headache of any memnber of the Council or the BOT except that you have only been able to prove to me that you are partisan I am not surprised that you have been compensated to write this letter to me as your sponsor, Senator Buruji Kashamu, has been going about to say that he master-minded this letter written by you and he had also displayed your letter on the social media.

Suffice to say that I have no option than to discountenance your letter written without authority nor power to write such, as the Constitution of the Council never ascribe such power to you."

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