"Let's Develop Imeko-Afon Together" Oke Calls on Indigenes in Diaspora

The Transition Chairman of Imeko-Afon Local Government, Chief Olusola Oke has called on indigenes of the Local Government living in the cities and outside Nigeria to come back home and contribute to the development of the Local Government.

The Council Boss made this known to Community Leaders who paid a courtesy visit to the new Transition Committee on Tuesday. Oke appreciated the representatives of Imeko-Afon Area Community Development Association for their selfless effort in developing their communities. He acknowledged that Community Development Associations are pivotal to development at the grassroot and have remained a significant partner in progress with the Government.
While responding to the requests made by the Community Leaders, the Chairman assured them of a mutual relationship with the Local Government. He further stressed the need for partnership with influential indigenes of the Local Government in diaspora. In his words, "we have quite a reasonable number of our illustrious sons and daughters in the city and outside the country who can contribute to the development of our communities. Let us reach out to them for partnership" he said.

The Chairman said he will call for a Summit soon where all stakeholders of the Local Government will have the opportunity  to add value to their fatherland.
Present at the meeting are the other members of the Transition Committee, the Head of Local Government Administration and Head of Department, Community Development.

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