Nominate Bukola Saraki, Save PDP, Redeem Nigeria

The People’s Democratic Party will hold its national convention on the 6th of October 2018, twenty years after its first national convention in Jos in 1998. Just as it was twenty years ago, PDP is faced with an important task that will redefine PDP, save Nigeria from tyranny and misrule that has succeeded in making Nigeria the poverty capital of the world. 

The October 6th 2018 PDP National convention offers PDP, a chance to correct its mistakes and renew itself or whether it will continue on a path of decline.Together, as PDP members and supporters of Bukola Saraki for president, we are working to build a united and strong party. 

We are campaigning for the election of a leader that has been through the storm. Survived all the attacks against him to emerge the leader of the opposition and give PDP a life line. A leader that has the commitment, doggedness to take the battle to the enemy camp and defeat the enemy, one who has unrivalled capacity to achieve, a bridge builder and a leader who is ready to effectively lead the reorganization of Nigeria and grow our economy again. For these reasons, we are calling on PDP members to nominate and elect Bukola Saraki as the next President of Nigeria.

We are calling on PDP to make the right choice as the 6th of October draws closer. Bukola Saraki represents hope and PDP will win in 2019 with him.  He is PDP best choice and we cannot  afford to waste our best chance at the presidency and gamble with old politicians who can’t win their wards. Bukola Saraki is a unifier and a builder. He has always promoted unity and cohesion. He was pivotal in the formation of the 8th national assembly and made sure that PDP still got the position of the deputy senate president. He is competent and capable. 

In every role he has undertaken, Bukola Saraki has demonstrated great skills and ability. He has been successful as a business leader, governor and senate president. He has an excellent understanding of the economy and governance. He was the governor of Kwara State for 8 years and changed the face of governance in Kwara State, embarking on far reaching reforms across the health, educational, agriculture and other key sectors that enhance the lives of the people. He was the leader of Nigeria governors forum, providing key leadership for governors across Nigeria at a young age.

PDP will bounce back to winning ways with Bukola Saraki, as he will accelerate the process of meaningful radical economic transformation that will put Nigeria on the path of progress and change the narrative that has led Nigeria to be the poverty capital of the world. As a committed leader, Bukola Saraki will go beyond slogans and rhetoric to undertake the practical tasks that will transform the economy, while ensuring that it grows at a much faster rate and creates jobs that will make life better for Nigerians.

As Nigeria's economic ambassador, he will not demarket Nigeria on the global stage like Muhammadu Buhari. He will take decisive steps to restore investor confidence, attract the needed foreign direct investment that made it possible for him to build the Shonga Farm in Kwara as the then state governor.

Bukola Saraki as an outstanding legislator and current senate president possess the ability to embark on far reaching reforms.  Under his leadership as the senate president, the 8th senate has passed more bills than any previous senate, it has resolved more petitions than all past senates combined, it supported and passed the Not Too Young To Run bill, opened the NASS budget for public scrutiny; it concluded the Constitution amendment and passed the petroleum Industry Governance Bill (PIGB) which seeks to provide for the governance and institutional framework for a renewed and transparent petroleum industry. 

Specifically, the PIGB seeks to unbundle the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), provide for the establishment of Federal Ministry of Petroleum Incorporated and Nigerian Petroleum Regulatory Commission. Sadly, President Buhari failed to assent to this bill. According to global extractive industry watchdog, publish what you pay, (PWYP), Nigeria is losing N3 trillion annually for failing to put in place a proper legislation for the oil and gas industry.

Bukola Saraki understands the issues and is not a blamer and excuse giver. He will truly lead from the front and change the narrative about Nigeria and our great party PDP. The choice for PDP delegates is to make history with Saraki and nominate him as the party's flag bearer come 6th October 2018.

By: Agents of #GrowNigeria..
We are proudly Nigerians

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