THE PAIN OF MOTHERLESSNESS (a poem by Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele) Sympathizing with every motherless child

The Pain of Motherlessness

Is far beyond measure

Especially for a green mind.

Begins from the shock of announcement

To illusion of preparing the corpse

To agony of witnessing the interment

Since Mama has gone

Though no more weeping

But mourning ceases not

O maa see o!

Since Mama has gone

I've been searching for substitute

But what an exercise in futility!

What a mirage!

The vacuum is beyond description

There's limit to what wife can endure

There's limit to what husband can tolerate

Theres limit to what baba can do

Only abiyamo tooto can play all the role.

O maa see o!

Since abiyamo has gone

Who has the gut to confront my foes?

No one dreams of me again

And begins to take steps at dawn

The pains of motherlessness

Is far beyond description

It's agonising, it's horrifying.

Since Mama has gone.

No one asked me for bread again

No one sent me wraps of locust beans

No free laps for my kids to play on

Children are crying but

No lullabies, no allegories

No warm hands to cuddle my head

No singing of lineage panegyrics

The pain is much.

All the graveyard promises 

Are nothing but hollow rituals

The lacuna is unfillable

There's only one abiyamo

Searching for any other one

Would be amounted a generational mirage.

The pain seems unending.

It's beyond description.

To every motherless child

A dead mother is like a stolen rapper

Exposed to harmattan of life, 

Unblocked from mosquitoes of life

No more cover, no more pillows

No more care but just little affection

The pains are enormous.

Imagine a visit to the village

Water offered by others

Not as the one from her pot.

Her room is no vacant

Who will say good bye with prayers?

Who will drop tears at parting?

The pain is beyond measure.

Not at home, leaving for a while

No one to claim my right for me

In her absence at the family meeting

Portions of shares reduced to meagre

Property unevenly distributed

Blames were wrongly apportioned.

The pain is much.

Here comes a warning

Oh! A motherless child

Never dares having back wound

Because it may not heal.

Exercise cautions always,be prayerful

As no one to tell the hard truth again

No one to condemn the misdeeds

No one to appreciate the good

No one to tell fore warning

Please, se jeje o!

A caring mother

A Shepherd to her child

A good mother 

A stern cover to her breed

A lovely mother

A strong defence minister

Abiyamo aboja gbooro gbooro

O maa see o!

Continual peaceful rest

To all the late caring mothers.

God's mercy with divine protection

 For the all the motherless kids.

What a hard pill to swallow

O  tun daye atunwa

Ipade doju ala.

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